The KostantLee studio was born from the synergy between Ilza Prestinari (actress, director, choreographer, mime and acting coach) a real pioneer in spreading the art of the METHOD in Italy, and Siddartha Prestinari (actress and director) blood and art daughter.

Other than taking care about the formation of actors through classes and seminaries , KostantLee Studio promotes events like: theatre, dance, concerts and various media performances (see the link to productions).

The KostantLee Studio is a craft shop where knowledge is handed artist by artist. Is a gym where body and soul train themselves to find in the actor a surprisingly identity with the character to impersonate.

Ilza Prestinari , the shaman or simply the good teacher, doesn’t sell and spread, without pretending a philosophical-conceptual way, a technique learned in years, studying with the great Lee Strasberg and Pola Strasberg e Frank Corsaro (N.Y. Actor’s studio) and her mime years with Marcel Marceau e J. Tatì (Paris)